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Production, processing and marketing of Cocoa.

We belong to the agribusiness sector, particularly, cocoa and its derivatives, through organic production, processing and marketing, under the concept win win. We are dedicated to the protection and promotion of investment opportunities, development and identification of agricultural, industrial and agro-tourism projects.


We guarantee high quality production to meet the demand for organic products in a market that requires constant and reliable supply, while maintaining the industry standards.


The continued dynamism of the industrial market and the vast expansion of global goods leads us to transform the focus on quality exceeding consumer demands.


Our products are all fertilization care for preventive pest control and manual weeding during the development period.


For product quality, we have been recognized as gourmet cocoa producers, where essential basis for our products of the highest quality is used.


Be regional leaders in processing and marketing of products and services derived from cocoa products.


Offer our customers a range of cocoa products certified by the highest standards of quality and traceability, relying on our different capabilities to deliver great value.

Our Company

This company was founded on April 14, 1998. The Company’s main purpose is the production, processing and marketing of organically produced goods, mainly cocoa. In addition to its main purpose, it will be dedicated to the protection and promotion of investment opportunities in the country and manage and implement, in general; all lawful trade operations anywhere in the world.


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Conventional Sánchez

To produce the quality of Sanchez the drying of cocoa beans after the harvest is crucial.

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Conventional Hispaniola

The Hispaniola cocoa undergoes a controlled fermentation process after chopped.

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Organic Sánchez

This cocoa is used in North American countries to produce cocoa butter.

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Organic Hispaniola

Premium Hispaniola cocoa beans are fermented per day in wooden boxes.

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Organic Raw Cacao Nibs on white ceramic spoon


In cocoa Nibs the major nutrients that the cocoa bean are found and sugar and fat content is reduced.

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Cocoa Liquor

Cocoa Liquor is obtained by the grinding of roasted cocoa seeds, pulp is used for the production of butter and cocoa powder.

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Cocoa Butter

It is a product from the pressing of cocoa liquor which results in a liquid that is then crystallized.

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Cocoa Powder

The cocoa cake is pulverized to particle size suitable for chocolate drinks and pastries.

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